First Review: Oahu Towing Company

Well, I had plans in mind for my very first review of a Hawaii company. I’m from Hawaii so I’ll be reviewing some of my various experiences here. So, if your not from here, you’ll be prepared when you visit.

Anyway, my blog post plans will have to be pushed back because I wanted to shout out and review, although an unfortunate thing to happen to me, I was served with a great service company to make things better.

Here in Hawaii it’s very traffic, especially now because of construction of a railway system that is being built ironically to ease up the traffic problems here on Oahu. So, stuck in primetime morning traffic to go to a meeting in town, I get a flat tire! It couldn’t have happened any time worst than then and at the worst area (the Waipahu cutoff). I was flagged down and notified of my flat and pulled over to the shoulder lane.

Now I’m not sure how it is anywhere else in the world, but here in Hawaii, whatever the situation is, whether if there is a stalled car or something serious like an accident, everyone tends to slow down to “rubber neck”. I swear Hawaii people are nosy as heck. Traffic begins to pile up even more. I swear, I probably made it on the morning new’s live traffic report.

I went ahead and searched online on my trusty iPhone for a tow company and came across Oahu Towing Company ( I called him in need of a tow to a tire shop immediately. He was nice and streamlined. All he had to know from me was: Continue reading

Think Differently With Argan

Welcome to this brand new blog that’s bound to be different! “How is it different?”, you may ask. Well, your not me and I’m not you, we think differently, act differently, and do different things.

Here I will strive to blog and review my experiences here in Hawaii so that you may view the world through a different perspective and perhaps inspire you to do something different rather than your same habitual daily routines.

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