Punahou Carnival Review

Super Fun Time Review: Punahou Carnival

Today, Punahou Carnival has been attracting a larger number of visitors that what the school grounds are able to handle. This is not a big surprise as this place and event is something that has a lot of exciting and amazing surprises and treats to offer to each and everyone, regardless of their age or preferences.

So, if you don’t want to go to the bar, you can take your friends and family for a super fun time at the Punahou Carnival.

A lot of people are looking forward to the Punahou Carnival each year and this is because it is not just their Alma Mater but primarily because it holds a lot of exciting surprises. There are even some people who consider Punahou Carnival as the best and happiest weekend ever. Some even claim that this is perfect event where Christmas, Thanksgiving and all the other holidays rolled into one.

The Punahou Carnival is even considered as a part of the tradition of many families for several years. Each year, they look forward to eating and shopping and eating and shopping while they visit the place in the first place. 

There have been plenty of reasons why the Punahou Carnival never fails to attract the attention and interest of young and old alike. This is not really a big wonder because it has something to offer to everyone at every age. The little kids will surely enjoy the Kiddle Land wherein all the games are meant to be enjoyed and won. On the other hand, the teenagers will surely have an exhilarating time in trying the rides and the other more challenging games. Of course, the adults wouldn’t be left out as there is the White Elephant, Farmer’s Market and the Plant Booth that will keep them engrossed and entertained for several hours.

But more than the games, rides and the shops, what is really well loved and acclaimed about the Punahou Carnival is none other than the food. In fact, everyone loves the food here and if anyone goes here for anything, the food is surely at the top of their list of priorities.

Some of the all time favorite delicacies include the meat gyro, Char Siu noodles, Hawaiian plate, Teri Burger, taco salad, mango chutney, chocolate dipper fruit bar complete with sprinkles, and the main highlight is none other than the malasada.

The Punahou Carnival, however, is not only about fun because what remains under the surface is that this is being used to raise funds for the students’ scholarships. If not for the generosity of this event and the success of the past carnivals, a lot of students wouldn’t have been able to graduate from this great school.

To make the most out of your visit, it is recommended to go early, possibly before the start of the carnival for you to find a parking inside the campus. There is also no need to worry about running out of cash because a Bank of Hawaii ATM has been set up inside the carnival.

For the highest level of fun and the most delicious foods to feed your hungry tummy, the Punahou Carnival is the best place to be!