Alan Wong's Restaurant Review

Foodie Review: Alan Wong’s Restaurant

Hawaii is definitely one of the must-go destinations for those who want to experience the beauty of nature at its finest and bask under the comforting warmth of the sun. But when you are done exploring what this wondrous gem of an island, it only makes sense to look for a place where you can get a taste of Hawaii and what kind of gastronomic experience it has to offer. Alan Wong’s Restaurant boasts of some of the finest dishes that would take your Hawaiian vacation to the next level.

Probably the best highlight of your trip to Hawaii, this one of a kind restaurant can make you feel more welcomed to the place. From the food, to the ambiance, the décor, and the courteous and efficient waiters, all can be considered as the epitome of perfection.

The place in itself was downright amazing and the moment you step inside the restaurant, you would feel right at home. The atmosphere is conducive to dining and not just any ordinary sit-down meal but something that will give you the utter satisfaction once the table has been cleared.

Many customers have claimed that Alan Wong’s is the place where they had the best meal of their lives. Some people are not really big fans of fine dining, especially those who don’t like the idea of eating small portions of food with strange flavors. However, their opinion has been dramatically changed when they tried Alan Wong’s because the restaurant gives their patrons with great portion sizes for money and flavors that are all traditional but have been perfected in exactly the way that they are expected to taste.

But more than the food, which are decently priced anyway considering that they serve large portions and with it being a high end restaurant, what many people love about Alan Wong’s is the fact that they combined these with a topnotch service. This is always a big plus for any customer because who would be able to enjoy that tasty pasta when your waiter is frowning at you all the time?

Some of the mouthwatering dishes that you can find in their menu include short ribs, ginger opakapaka, Caesar salad, da bag and poke pines. Their short ribs are made tender that will make you want to dig in the moment the plate has been placed before you. They also have lasagna that tastes so amazing you will have to try to stop yourself from licking every last drop from the bowl. Alan Wong’s red snapper is prepared delicate complete with an out of this world sauce that will make you want to come back for more.

However, the real favorite of many customers of Alan Wong’s Restaurant is their dessert entrees. The ice cream is presented in a very creative manner, something beautiful to look at with just the right amount of chocolate and fruits that can satisfy different palettes.

With great food and wonderful service, Alan Wong’s Restaurant is something that you shouldn’t miss when you are in Hawaii.