Starbucks Ewa Beach

Big Business Review: Starbucks

This is a “circle in a room full of squares” review since I usually only do local business reviews. But I wanted to do a review on the gigantic coffee chain Starbucks. Why? Because I find myself at a Starbucks every time. In fact, yes, I’m at a Starbucks right now writing this blog post. Go figure. Maybe that’s why I feel like writing about them. They must be doing a good job huh?

Well they do. But when you really think about why people go to Starbucks and stay there for hours at a time, the answer isn’t so clear.

There is that small percentage of people who go there just to get a drink or a quick “pick-me-up”. But what makes people stay in Starbucks to do things like homework, professional work, read, hold business meetings, hold church meetings, talk on the phone, just sit there, or whatever it is. Its mind boggling.

For one, it’s very noisy. Realistically, most Starbucks isn’t an ideal place to do majority of what I just mentioned because of the noise level in there. C’mon, it’s distracting if your doing work. It isn’t ideal for meeting because everyone has to yell over the SB staff, blenders, machines, and everyone else that’s holding their own discussions. Just sitting there does’t make sense when you can be sitting at home watching a great show or movie of your interest. Most Starbucks don;t have televisions.

So what is it that brings people to stay in a Starbucks cafe?

Is the the coffee? The smell of the place? Is it the comfy seats? Is it the free Wi-Fi? The music? Is it the social vibe that brings people in? Or is it the ambiance that the decor creates that makes people want to stay there?

The answer is “YES” to all of the above. Everything plays a role in attracting people to come to SB for whatever reason.

Starbucks creates such a great atmosphere for people to hangout, do work, and/or socialize.

I live 5 minutes away from a Starbucks. I have an office in my designated for me to take care of my work and business. I have a coffee maker with great tasting coffee to brew that smells up the whole house of coffee. I have high-speed internet. But, I always find myself going to SB to do my work. And the interesting thing is that I get more work done sitting at Starbucks than at home. Why?

I even meet with my personal accountant at Starbucks rather in their own office (where it would make most sense) to do business.

I’m not sure why exactly, but I love going there. Perhaps it’s something psychological. Perhaps it’s the vibe of being around people and how Starbucks understands and harnesses to their benefit. Or maybe it’s just me and people like me that likes to be at SB rather than at home.

Big ups to Starbucks in creating a great place for us to do things that doesn’t makes sense to do at your cafes.

If I ever bump into you, it’ll be more than likely be in a Starbucks. Especially the one in Ewa Beach ;)