Big Business Review: Starbucks

This is a “circle in a room full of squares” review since I usually only do local business reviews. But I wanted to do a review on the gigantic coffee chain Starbucks. Why? Because I find myself at a Starbucks every time. In fact, yes, I’m at a Starbucks right now writing this blog post. Go figure. Maybe that’s why I feel like writing about them. They must be doing a good job huh?

Well they do. But when you really think about why people go to Starbucks and stay there for hours at a time, the answer isn’t so clear.

There is that small percentage of people who go there just to get a drink or a quick “pick-me-up”. But what makes people stay in Starbucks to do things like homework, professional work, read, hold business meetings, hold church meetings, talk on the phone, just sit there, or whatever it is. Its mind boggling.

For one, it’s very noisy. Realistically, Continue reading

Local Pro Business Review: Personal Accountant Inc.

I needed to write this quick review because I loved my first service experience with this particular local Hawaii business.

I was seeking out an accountant to outsource my bookkeeping needs for my business (hey I need to free up time to write more reviews right?). So in my search I searched the Google-plex for “accountants Hawaii“. I came across Google’s 1 zillion+ search query results relating to accountant in Hawaii. The one that stuck out to me was Personal Accountant Inc.’s website listing. I guess it was just the name that attracted me. So I clicked through to their website and stumbled upon the portrait of a beautiful team of accountants.

Reading their webpage, they seemed pretty professional and offered exactly what I was looking for. Not only do they offer bookkeeping services, but also Continue reading

Foodie Review: Max’s Of Manila

Perfect weather year round, vibrant beaches, bluish ocean, tropical trees, sick surf, and hospitable people is not the only thing Hawaii has to offer the world. Hawaii is a melting pot of cultures and a various amount of cuisines, both contemporary and traditional variations, are widely offered in this place called paradise.

Hawaii birthed it’s own contemporary cuisine in the 90’s called Hawaii Regional Cuisine, which was inspired by the melting pot of cultures that we have. From food from the Hawaiian culture (of course), to Puerto Rican, to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, to Filipino, and more! All in which combined to inspire a very special cuisine that expresses Hawaii through food.

Over the years, Hawaii became known for it’s food and attracted small and large restaurateurs to open up shop on the islands, even international suiters as well, like the Filipino cuisine chain Max’s Of Manila, where we got to eat. And it would be my privilege to share my “food for thought” with you.

Max’s Of Manila, located in the heart of Waipahu, is a filipino restaurant founded in the Philippines as a small little spot to grab some grub. They’ve built a great reputation for their fried chicken. From a small spot, grew into a corporate chain that has made its way over seas internationally, and we are honored to have one in our back yard.

My and my girlfriend decided that some Filipino food would be the choice for our small little dinner date. We haven’t been to Max’s in a while so we thought it would be great to revisit the feeding frenzy.

Arriving there, it was busy. Well, it was a Saturday night, primetime for Filipino parties and a nice place to have dinner. They’re were several parties that was spread across the dining area. We could tell because of the several buffet lines that were set up with party decor. So, initially we though the wait was going to be long (we were hungry!). We placed our name with the friendly hostess and took a seat outside.

Less than 5 minutes into the wait Continue reading