Lifesaver Review: Hawaii Home Cleaners

Hawaii Home Cleaners

Time is valuable. It’s the most valuable thing that we have. It comes and goes but we can’t get enough of it.

Busy as I am with work, sometimes I run out of time to do the things that I love to do such as spending time with family, watching movies, and blogging.

So, I just pondered one day to figure out how could I get more time to do what I loved. I started jotting down in my head the activities that I spend throughout my day(s) of “dead time”. My list of dead time was comprised of:

  • Scrolling through social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • “Daisy Chain” YouTube sessions (where watching one video leads to watching another, to another, to another…)
  • Daydreaming

And there were a few more that I thought of at the time that I can’t recall right now.

But the thing is I enjoy doing those things as well. Scrolling through social media I can keep up with friends and family that is not near. My “Daisy Chaining” YouTube sessions are majority educational self help sessions. And by daydreaming, that is when a lot of my ideas manifest from. So I did;t see any good reason to eliminate those activities to free up time.

I started thinking of other activities that I could eliminate to free up time. Cleaning was one of them.

Cleaning needs to be done, otherwise our home would be a pig sty. Both me and my wife spread the chores, but it’s not really the ideal quality time that we want. So I started thinking and weighing out the value of time we spent cleaning with the value of what we desired to do. Of course, without question, our quality time is more valuable.

So we decided to hire HOUSE CLEANERS! Woohoo!

We searched online and came across Hawaii Home Cleaners and called them up. They were very pleasant and professional. They asked us the following questions to come up with a price quote for us:

  • Where is our home located?
  • What type of home is it? (House, apartment, condo, etc.)
  • How many bedrooms?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • How “dirty” is the home (from a scale of 1-10)?
  • What type of cleaning were we looking to do?
  • When would we like the first initial cleaning?
  • How often did we want the cleaners to come?

I may have missed a few, but that was the general questions.

We set it up for the cleaners to come one day on a weekday after work to try it out. Me and my wife were debating whether to leave when the cleaners come or to stay because of security issues. We decided to play it by ear when we meet them.

On our scheduled cleaning day, the cleaners had a little trouble finding our apartment so they we a few minutes late. They were kind enough to call, apologize, and ask for assistance in finding our home. It was a 2 person crew to take care of our home. They were very nice and polite so me and my wife decided that we were going to leave and enjoy our day while they took care of our home.

Before we left we gave them a brief tour and they analyzed our home. We gave them a list of things that we desired to be done and they took it as a “no problem” job. We asked them if they needed anything else, we left them with instructions for when they leave and that was it. Pretty simple and straight forward.

We left to pick up our daughter and enjoyed the rest of our day shopping and spending the quality time that we desired together.

About 2 hours later, I received a phone call from the cleaners and they notified me that they were done.


When we got home, we were pretty impressed. We did our run through inspection of what they did. We were pretty impressed! Not only did they complete our list of cleaning duties, but went far and beyond and exceeded our expectations. They did a very great job! They did the whole “nine”, and folded our laundry!

We were very happy with their professional service and will be setting up a monthly cleaning schedule, eventually looking to do a twice a month cleaning. Their service is well worth it because they exceeded our expectations and were pretty detailed with their cleaning.

I highly recommend Hawaii Home Cleaners’ cleaning service. I don’t have a company to compare them with, but after experiencing their service my thought is, why would I want to?

Their prices were pretty cheap for the work that they did. At this point, we value our time more than what it costs for cleaning services. And Hawaii Home Cleaners definitely provides value!

Don’t waste time, call them today!

They’re our lifesavers!