I Love Country Cafe Review

After getting an awesome tow service from Anthony with Oahu Towing Service, I went to my meeting and thank goodness I was on time. I had to run more errands with my girlfriend and partner out in Kaneohe and our tire held up just fine over the H3 drive.

I took my car to Goodyear to replace my two front tires (they recommended both to be changed so that they wear out evenly). While they serviced my car’s new shoes, I had already worked up a pretty good appetite for something good.

Gladly Windward Mall was close by and they had a food court. We rarely go to Windward Mall so we looked forward to eating somewhere new. In the food court we came across a corner restaurant called I Love Country Cafe (the Love was symbolized with a heart shape). Their wide array of menu items and choice caught my eye.

It is a local plate lunch style place with some traditional and contemporary local style food along with their original creations. They served breakfast and lunch/dinner dishes. There was A LOT of choices. It took us awhile to choose. We drooled there for about 5 minutes contemplating our first-time meal with them until we finally asked what’s their popular dishes.

In the front, where you order, they have real samples of their popular dishes nicely plated on ceramic plates, wrapped and displayed to have us drool over even more. The employee their announced and pointed to their Macadamia Nut Crusted Chicken dish as being one of their more popular dishes, which was great because that was the very one I was eyeing out.

We both came to a conclusion and we ordered their Macadamia Nut Crusted Chicken and my GF ordered the Corned Beef Hash Benedict. They offer the choice of a large portion and a smaller portion I guess equivalent to the regular and mini choices that other plate much places offer. We both took the larger sizes (hey we were hungry & we share). For my dish they offered the typical plate lunch choice of white rice, brown rice, or a tossed green salad (brown rice was it for me).

Our total came out to about $30 with a drink to share. $15 a head, it’s a little over average for a plate lunch restaurant.

They gave us a number and we sat to wait about 8 minutes for them to call our number out to pick up our food. The food came out in disposable plates with all the tools that we needed to go to work!

The Macadamia Nut Crusted Chicken came with 2 scoops of rice, the grilled mac nut breaded chicken over a bed of steamed broccoli, and topped with their special sauce for the dish. I received the dish as advertised on their display table but the chicken portion seemed a little smaller that what they had on their display plate.

My girlfriend’s Corned Beef Hash Eggs Benedict came with 2 of them slathered with a nice hollandaise sauce. She went with the potato choice, which was deep fried, over rice or tossed salad.

My dish: the grilled Mac Nut Chicken was very delicious. The chicken was cooked perfectly with a nice caramelization yet still very moist. The chicken was a thigh cut and was breaded with their, what seemed like a mixture of bread crumbs and macadamia nuts. The broccoli was standard and blanched. It could have used some salt in their blanching water though. But what made this dish special was that sauce! The sauce, I don’t know what it is but it was very good. It went well with the chicken. In all that chicken and that special sauce was awesome! Highly recommended!

Her dish: Standard Hawaii breakfast concoction. I was a pretty big portion. Presentation could use some color to brighten the eyes up a bit but no biggie. The corned beef was a canned type corned beef which is typical for this dish. The eggs was poached perfectly to were the yolk ran when you punctured it. And as I’ve mentioned, the hollandaise was made beautifully. The flavor was sub par. The hollandaise needed some seasoning, in my opinion salt and pepper or cayenne pepper. The fried potatoes was dull in seasoning as well. A little salt sprinkled on their would have been nice.

The verdict: We were full. We barely finished. In fact I helped finish her dish. So, the portion was good as far as the large sizes. Service was good. The employee was very helpful and courteous. Wait time for our food was good. We really enjoyed my dish and as I said I recommend it. In fact, I’m craving it right now! Flavor overall was pretty good. Just some seasoning was needed to take care of the blandness of the hollandaise sauce, broccoli, and potatoes. But in reverse perspective, I could have always added the salt and pepper myself to my liking, so it was no biggie.

In all, go ahead and try them out if you’re in the Kaneohe area. There is one in the Ala Moana shopping center and on Queen St. Honolulu. It is a place that I’ll crave to go to and that says a lot for that Macadamia Nut Chicken dish. I’d say, I would go out of my way to eat their again for that dish and to try something else.

I Love Country Cafe, I do!

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