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First Review: Oahu Towing Company

Well, I had plans in mind for my very first review of a Hawaii company. I’m from Hawaii so I’ll be reviewing some of my various experiences here. So, if your not from here, you’ll be prepared when you visit.

Anyway, my blog post plans will have to be pushed back because I wanted to shout out and review, although an unfortunate thing to happen to me, I was served with a great service company to make things better.

Here in Hawaii it’s very traffic, especially now because of construction of a railway system that is being built ironically to ease up the traffic problems here on Oahu. So, stuck in primetime morning traffic to go to a meeting in town, I get a flat tire! It couldn’t have happened any time worst than then and at the worst area (the Waipahu cutoff). I was flagged down and notified of my flat and pulled over to the shoulder lane.

Now I’m not sure how it is anywhere else in the world, but here in Hawaii, whatever the situation is, whether if there is a stalled car or something serious like an accident, everyone tends to slow down to “rubber neck”. I swear Hawaii people are nosy as heck. Traffic begins to pile up even more. I swear, I probably made it on the morning new’s live traffic report.

I went ahead and searched online on my trusty iPhone for a tow company and came across Oahu Towing Company (http://www.oahutowingcompany.com). I called him in need of a tow to a tire shop immediately. He was nice and streamlined. All he had to know from me was:

  • Location of where I was.
  • What type of vehicle I had.
  • And where I was going.

Less than 2 minutes into the phone call, he was on his way. He quoted me $80 for the tow service for the hook up fee and mileage which, from I now know, is the standard price for the tow service I requested for.

Waiting in my car catching the curious glances from the slow passing traffic, 15 minutes later the tow truck driver Anthony pull up in front of my. It was super quick taken into account how traffic it was.

With aloha he formerly greeted himself and took a look at my flat tire. He noticed a nail stuck on it which caused my situation. He offered me 2 solutions. (1) Hook up my car and tow it to the tire shop down the road for the price he quoted me over the phone, (2) he offered to patch the tire and fill it up with air there and I could go on driving and eventually go to my desired tire service shop to replace my tire, for $40.

First off, I didn’t even know patching a tire was possible so I was awestruck. And I thought it was honorable of him to offer a cheaper option for me. Usually, I would imagine people would take advantage of these dire, in need, situations to make more money off the “injured gazelles”.

My stress level eased off a ton, because with the option of just getting it patched up, I could still make my meeting in town and save money on this tow service. Patching the rubber it was.

He lifted my car and did the surgery on my lifeless tire, turned on his onboard air compressor and revived its shoes. Wala! All within an hour!

I am so grateful for Anthony’s, Oahu Towing Company’s, services and aloha! Of course I recommend them for your needed towing service here in Hawaii. Very professional, quick, service, and solution oriented. I felt he was working for my interests rather his own. I’m truly thankful – can’t you tell…

This is what aloha is. It’s great to see it’s alive and working through the hearts of our business people and services providers here in Hawaii. I hope this blog helps to spread the concept of aloha further as well.

Much mahalo Oahu Towing Company!

Call them for any of your towing needs, emergency or not, at (808) 425-9250. Or visit their website that I thankfully land on at www.oahutowingcompany.com.